Professional music services with a personal touch
Providing great music and entertainment to the Greater Philadelphia, Southern Jersey and New York Metropolitan Area.
Stonecutters is an innovative blend of music, technology, and customer service. With a dizzying array of digital equipment, and experienced staff to tend to your every music and entertainment need, Stonecutters will provide you with an unforgettable experience!
  • We collaborate with a wide range of producers, artists and music industry specialists. The essence of our activity is the support of musical performers and performances through professional services.
  • Professional recording services in our versatile associate studios.
  • From the demo to the final cut
  • Artist management and talent agency ( we'll get you signed to a label)
  • Boundless selections including: Jazz -Gospel - R&B - Classical - Hip Hop - MORE!
  • You name it, we've done it; weddings, concerts, picnics, dinners, religious services, funerals, graduations, family reunions intimate dinners and more.
  • Our high wattage system packs a powerful punch. Whether you want to tear the roof off or have an elegant soiree, nothing even comes close to the service we provide.

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